What Is The International Marketing ?

Marketing Interactives
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Definition of International Marketing ;

It is an institutional arrangement that enables businesses to move their products, technologies, human resources and assets such as managerial values to foreign countries.

When deciding on international entry strategies, the following factors are taken into consideration::

First of all  size, characteristics, competitive situation and opportunities of the market
Secondly  political and economic situation
Thirdly transportation costs and taxes
Fourthly physical and cultural closeness
4: financial requirements
5: state restrictions, laws, and legal obligations
6: Risk, profit potential

What Is The International Marketing


1 – export-oriented strategies
2-Contractual strategies
3-production strategies


A) Exports
B) Direct Export

Export: Such as the shipment of goods and services outside the national borders.
The needs and preferences of customer groups in order to make profit request
evaluation and planning of business opportunities to satisfy
, its use and control are carried out in the international arena.


Exports to an independent intermediary institution.
There are many vehicles between the manufacturer and the consumer.

1-Firstly; from the manufacturer’s point of view, control is largely lost due to intermediaries.
2-Secondly; manufacturer’s export experience and even without the company’s export activity
it is an advantage that it can perform.
3-Thirdly; the manufacturer does not risk the market and politics, this is an advantage,
The 4-producer firm does not know the reaction of consumers to the goods in the export market
5 – in terms of earnings, because the number of brokers is very low in earnings,


1-First of all, brokers: in exchange for a certain commission, independently, the representative office
they act on behalf of foreign customers,
2-Secondly, importer and exporter traders: country of the country of the exporter in general
whether independent people or organizations are working.
3 – Thirdly, foreign national representatives: for large-scale enterprises
, they make purchases on behalf of these enterprises for a fee.
4 – exporters ‘ associations and cooperatives: member and producer businesses
5-manufacturer company exporter companies: only the goods of the manufacturer company
they are independent businesses that market abroad.



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