What is Marketing ?

What is Marketing
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What is the definition of Marketing?

 Marketing is namely as long as the entity carries out its specific activities for the purpose of material profit. These activities may be products or services. In other words, if we say marketing strategy from production to distribution and distribution to the strategy followed up to delivery to the end consumer, it would not be a wrong definition.

Let’s reinforce the definition with a short example before we proceed.
A shoe company (brand) to do market research for the model to produce, material selection, production, Media tools advertising to the marketplace to find, provide customer service, even sales consultant to bring the product for sale, sell and after sales support is an example of marketing. This is a process and multi-way work. It starts before production and continues after sales.

Marketing is the basic function of a business. All other business departments serve direct or indirect marketing.

The Basic Logic Of The Marketing Process Consists Of The Following Stages:


This process is the process in which opportunities and similar researches are made on the market.


Secondly, product positioning is the process in which the target audience and audience segments are determining and applying. In this process, positioning works in the form of accepting the advantages and differences of the product to the consumer.

What is Marketing


Product, price, distribution, and promotion phases are evaluating together. In this process, the structure of the product, model, color, etc is determining each by each. Then the price is measuring according to the segment addressing and market conditions. (There are too many +factors that affect the price) then, product flow from production to consumption (shipment, etc.) is planned and ends with promotional activities using methods such as advertising and communication.


At this stage, feedback and reports are evaluating. Market strategies are developing by examining the elements such as profit, potential, and evaluable potential. Continue.

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