What Are The Advantages Of Renting A Car To The Company?

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From SMEs to large-scale companies, the company needs commercial vehicles. These tools are usually used for field sales but are required for the company on many issues such as product delivery, personal transportation. When the situation is like this, many businesses apply to renting a car. So what are the advantages of these vehicles that you rent to your company?

First of all;

When you hire a car, you have the opportunity to exchange with a spare vehicle when there is a problem in the vehicle in use, which allows your workflow to continue without interruption. However, because you have your workload and you are renting a car when necessary, you have reduced your extra staff costs and you have used your vehicle only in mandatory circumstances.


In addition;

One of the biggest contributions to the company’s budget is that you can deduct the rental fee as an expense. In other words, if you rent a vehicle, 20% of the rental fee is included in the tax deduction. You can also show the cost of fuel, maintenance and repair expenses that you have spent on the vehicle in your expense list. In this way, you provide fixed cash flow with monthly expenses.

In addition;

to the advantages we have mentioned, rental of the vehicle in case of possible accident 2 of your vehicle. There are also advantages to preventing the switch to manual vehicle status. In this way, you do not have a decrease in the value of your vehicle. You do not waste any time dealing with the repair process.

You also benefit from the advantage of office prices,
cut your business costs by half.

Due to this kind of benefits, the car rental sector in Turkey has been steadily growing. There are also many companies in the global arena with domestic rental companies. Therefore, you can make a car rental agreement with the company that is most suitable for you, taking into account your company’s tax status and profitability.

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