The Determining Price Of The Stock

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What is the right price for your goods or servies ? Is it price that multiplying by total cost ? Or putting on the profit marjin on the total cost ?

The Determining Price Of The Stock
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The Determining Price Of The Stock

The decision of determining the price of the stock is could be difficult sometimes. Because it depends on the environmental, strategic, supply, demand, production level rules etc. So how do we are going to calculate the right price for our good or service? First of all be careful about the topics what I gonna talk about them. Because I have some points that I don’t touch it. The reason for that I don’t touch some points is this is my strategy. So the determining price of the stock terms could change boss to boss. Let’s look at my strategy to define the right price.

These are some topics about the determining  price of the stock

1: Product cost
2: Sales and Distribution Costs
3: Marketing Support Costs
4: Product Communication
5: Independent Price Factors
6: Price Level in Target Market

The Determining  Price Of The Stock

First of all, you have to calculate or presume the price which is proper for your consumers

2. After the presume you have to calculate your total cost for your product.

3. Ask your consumer about the price with craftiness. You have a restaurant, you decided to bring a new meal for your menu, While servicing your consumer the orders you should give a promotion which is that you decided to cook. After the get down your consumer ask him about the good and ask them what should be or could be the price of this food.

4. So this reasons which told you just now is easy ways to define your product. What about the economy of your country, what about taxes, what about the crisis, what about renting price increasing. I can not write for all of them it is so long but you may be care of these things for sometimes.

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