Stop Postponement And Take Action

Stop Postponement And Take Action
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When you say “one day,” it’s actually today.

In fact, we live in the world of opportunities, and in this life, really everything is possible. But there is a situation where everything is going to be okay: unfortunately, we have to work.

Now you’re going to hear some clichés, but the meaning underneath is deeper. Go after your dreams, never give up. You give the same advice to others. The fundamental truth underlying these great lies is the necessity of taking action. All dreams, plans, and targets are useless unless action is taken. Even taking action is not enough in some cases, the key to success is to take strategic actions.

You can always hear “one day’s dreams” from people. One day I will come to my destination, one day I will reset all my debts, one day I will have a supercar…

I wonder what day?

These people, even you, and I, are dreaming of starting a job from where we live and getting material freedom in a short period of time. Even more basic, we dream of a healthy and wonderful body. I repeat, where we sit.

We are all very successful in setting concrete and logical goals for ourselves, but when it comes to taking action to achieve these goals, it seems like the hardest job in the world to get out of our favorite place. Although there are many factors in achieving goals, the importance of Correct Planning and action cannot be denied.


Stop Postponement And Take Action

For example, some entrepreneurs tend to see the result immediately, and they have a great enthusiasm for it, but then things end up in a fiasco. Is this a failure? No, because it didn’t even try. It is not possible to fail on a subject that you have not even tried. The key to success is detailed planning and strategic actions, as I said before. Waiting for a job that has never been started to succeed on its own will surely end with disappointment.

According to Jon Acuff

“it’s fun to dream. Talking about things that might happen in the future. But the effort spent on them is not fun at all.”

Dreaming is, of course, beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s also nice that you’re motivated to think about where you’re going to be in the future, the car you’re driving, the house you live in, or the mansion. As I said, the only problem is that these motivations can’t stay in the air and drive you. By investing in yourself in advance, you can step out for these dreams gradually. And for the first investment, even the slightest action may be enough. So stop postponement and take a small step.

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