Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing
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What do you think of sports? Football, basketball, tennis, Formula One… what’s the deal with sports? Sports as general turnover in all sectors in front of the automotive is in the first place and also sports marketing to. Except for athletes, more than 5.5 million people are employed in the sports industry in the United States alone. The most-watched programs on television in the world are sports programs.

Sports marketing summer series will be a series of articles referring to marketing processes with titles in sports and sports.

1 – what is the sport?

It is all of the actions carried out individually or collectively in order to improve the body or mind.

Sport is an indispensable part of the life of believers with its performance, recreational and rehabilitative and preventative dimension. In summary, sports are important in the health of the body, although relaxing, entertaining, healing and also has preventive properties against diseases.

2 – What is the sports industry?

The sports industry is mainly for consumers both performance (competition size in every category), recreational (sport size for health and beauty), rehabilitation (treatment of diseases and disabilities) and preventive (prevention of diseases and disabilities) sizes, but also leisure activities(traction, paragliding, mountaineering, etc.)b) the name of the market offering products, services, tools and materials, people, places and thoughts related to them.

Sports Marketing

3 – what is marketing?

Marketing has entered almost every stage of our lives with a summary definition such as” the act of delivering goods and services to a target group ” and has become an important concept that extends beyond goods and services to the marketing of ideas, people, institutions, events, and places.

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4-What is sports marketing?

Sports marketing includes the process of delivering goods and services produced to sports consumers in order to meet the needs and wishes of sports consumers.”

In summary, marketing of sports products and services is the activity.

Although this is a new field within the Marketing Area. Sports using for a long time as a marketing. However, the concept of sports marketing was first used by Advertising Age magazine in 1978. The Journal used this concept to describe consumer activities. The uses of sports as an increasingly promotional tool in industrial products and service marketing (Argan, 2002: 22).

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