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Pre-Written Recommendations That Will Take You One Step Forward In Job Applications
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There is one thing to remember when you do a job application; people who receive your application pay attention to small details.

Your resume may be quite sufficient for the position you are applying for, but we cannot say that you will be invited to the first interview. What will allow you to be recognized by the employers and invite you to the first interview is that you express yourself in the right way with the cover letter and draw their attention?

Remember that employers and human resources staff are overwhelmed with resumes and application emails. In order to select the most qualified staff among many applications, the other criteria that they care about as much as the quality of their resume are the preface. As an applicant, pre-written for you is your only opportunity to tell the recruiters why you are the best candidate. The best place to surprise them with your experience and talent set is the pre-writing you write.

Pre-Written Recommendations That Will Take You One Step Forward In Job Applications

Here’s what you need to do for an impressive preview.;

1. In Job, Applications make an impressive entrance

Applicants usually wrote in the front letter “ hello, -job posting on the site – I saw ….. I’m writing an application for his position.” they start with an entry phrase like”

As you read this sentence, you may have noticed how boring and cold it was.

Think of yourself as a recruitment specialist. Can a pre-post that starts like this excites you or wonders for the sequel?

Nope. You’re not?

Instead of starting so boring, you should use an introductory phrase that provides specific information about yourself or what you do. For example, “Hello; I have been a marketing expert and also a text writer who has been managing growth strategies and campaigns for small businesses for nearly 10 years.” A pre-post you start in this way will raise curiosity on the side of the reader and give him a reason to read more.

2. In Job Applications Don’t steal time by summarizing your resume

Don’t waste the hiring expert’s time repeating your resume. They don’t like to read the same information twice. So tell me about your personal values and character traits in your pre-post. Explain the motivation that allows you to apply for that position. Try to answer questions like why this job excites you, whether your previous experiences will allow you to qualify for it.

3. In Job Applications Show you know about the company

You do not want any work. That’s exactly what you want!

And in order to show that, you have to prove that you’re doing research on the company. It will also be a plus point to show that you fully know and appreciate the company’s work.

In addition, if the company has existing social media accounts, you may have the opportunity to better understand the culture, values and potential mass of the company by examining its posts there. However, if you understand the challenges that the company faces and explain how you can support these issues in your pre-post, you can show them that you are the best candidate for them.

4. In Job Applications Show them the values you can add to the company

Don’t try to be modest. Managers always want employees to make their jobs easier and better. That’s why you have to show them everything you can. Right now is not the time to be modest.

As I mentioned in the previous article, you have learned about the difficulties experienced or experienced as a result of your research on the company. At least you can guess.

How can you contribute to your company in the face of these challenges? Have you ever been in similar situations before, how you have overcome difficulties if you have been able to answer such questions will clearly show that you can be a very valuable person for the company?

5. In Job Applications Take care to use the right language

You want to write it in a friendly way, but you want it to be suitable for the company you’re applying for. It’s natural that you stay together. The important thing is to be able to choose a tone that is appropriate for the company you are applying to.

For example, if you are referring to a young initiative, you can use a daily language. For a large corporate firm, you need to use a more professional language.

Another important point is that even if the sentence is in place, you should stay away from slang phrases and pay attention to grammar and spelling rules. After providing them you can use them in a pleasant and sympathetic manner. Of course, without exaggeration.

6. In Job Applications Feel free to count

In your pre-post, of course, you will not make sentences off or avoid excessive exaggeration. However, showing how you contributed to the companies you worked with in your previous experience in numbers can help you get extra points. Because employers want to see in concrete what you can add to their company.

For example, you have reached 4,800 new customers in 6 months with the suggestion campaign You Made in your previous company. Don’t you want your potential new manager to see these numbers?

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