Most Winning İndicators

Most Winning İndicators
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In this article, which are the most profitable indicators in the forex market we have shared with you. You will find information on your investments that will make your business easier here.


5 Most Winning Indicators

According to forex indicators, price movements tend to give the same result under certain pressures in the historical process. Therefore, the current situation of prices is reconciled with each other with the solid value movement. These signals that you find on your trading platform are Analysis tools that will give you the signals you are looking for.

You will easily find and apply the indicators with various features and different names through the trading platform where you are trading. You can choose to apply any indicator you want to your trading platform with a single click.

To get the right results, you need to test the signal groups over time and use them according to your investment preferences. You should also make daily technical and basic analysis comments, listen to experts and follow the news.

According to a survey of indicators used in the forex market, the 5 most winning. Signals have been determined. According to the research, “moving averages” result was obtained as the most profitable indicator. Of course, even if each investor will change according to their strategy and investment preferences, the market’s most widely used indicators are defined as 5 most winning indicators.

1: Bollinger Bands


These bands shrink in periods of low volatility and expand during periods of volatility. It should be noted that there is movement if there is volatility. Volatility is where the money is earned or lost. Shrinkable bands indicate an upward or downward movement, but this does not give information about the direction of movement. At this point, other indicators or swap data can be used.




In addition to the buy and sell signals from the intersection of the 9-period exponential moving average called trigger line, the buy and sell signals can be taken as the zero level is passed up and down. Macd overbought oversold on the MACD below zero are interpreted by many analysts as zero. However, since it is a trend indicator, the values above zero are now interpreted as the region where the upward trend begins. As with many indicators, mismatches Form Strong Buy-Sell signals.

The following chart shows the AL sat signals from the intersection with the trigger.

3: RSI


The Relative Strength Index measures the internal strength of the instrument to be analyzed by comparing the closing values in the specified period.
Briefly, the calculation is as follows;
When calculating RSI, the average of the closures that were higher than the previous day is taken first in the selected period. Then, the average of the closures that are lower than the previous day in the period is taken. The average of the days when the closure is high and the average of the days when the closure is low are divided into relative strengths. Relative strength is added to 1. The result is divided by 100. The resulting result is subtracted from 100, and the resulting value is RSI.

Gets a value between 0 and 100. Reference values are generally used as 30 and 70. The usual period is 14 species. The RSI over 70 indicates the over-selling of RSI over 30. Al-sat signals are taken by passing reference values. On the other hand, a 10-day moving average is also taken from the intersection of the buy-sell signals.

On RSI, which is one of the oversold indicators, the patterns are seen in the price chart are clearer.
Trend studies in price chart can be done.
Support resistance levels are clearer than the price chart.
Buy and sell signals from mismatches are reliable.
Many analysts consider 50 levels to be a balance point and interpret the rising price movements of RSI above 50 as downward price movements of RSI below 50.

4: Fisher Transform

John Ehlers, an electrical engineer, decided to write his own indicator and filters while searching for the logic of the RSI indicator, which was used in 1978, which still came to our day. In this way, the elders who are obsessed with delays and deviations are seen by other indicators, as well as RSI, can calculate Fisher transform and inverse fisher transform indicators using Gaussian probability distribution theory, thus producing effective Buy/Sell signals in short periods with sharp turns.

The Fisher transformer indicator captures very good buy/sell signals in the stock market, while the VIOP can also produce very good signals for short-term futures. I can also say that crypto is a very successful indicator that can produce very good signals while trading in short periods in markets.


5: Parabolic SAR (Stop And Reverse)

H the most important issue is determining the level of entry to the position for traders in the market and determining the target price. This indicator, which can signal to the meaning of closedposition and reverse position (stop and reverse), is more likely to be used in the two-way markets where trading transactions such as the forex market can be performed.

Parabolic SAR is an indicator developed to be used in the markets that make the trend. When calculating the indicator on the price chart as a point sequence, the lowest and highest price levels in the selected period are included in the calculation.

In technical analysis, the price of the parabolic SAR indicator points to the bear market, and the bullish market if the points are below the price. Under the price rise above the price chart and is used to shut down points on sale late, the point is above the price occurs when Price and close the sale to go through the bottom of the chart Alisa is considered late. The fact that the points are far from each other indicates that the trend is strong and that it is beginning to lose power.





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