Marketing Interactives

Marketing Interactives
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The interaction in digital marketing studies allows the audience to see how many people they have access to and how interesting they find these contents. By measuring interactions, you understand the efficiency of your marketing efforts and have the opportunity to develop your marketing strategies in line with this data.

To create and develop these strategies you need to know which interaction rates you need to focus on. In this guide, we will share the interaction metrics that you need to focus on and measure in digital marketing.

First Marketing İnteractive is Access content

In general, you should examine how many people your content has accessed in your marketing efforts and demographic information. Thus, you can find out more about your target audience. Content access is a definition that tells you how many people total all the content you share. These access numbers may vary in each marketing operation and each channel.

Marketing Interactives

Below the total number of access, there are several interaction metrics that you need to measure.

Second Marketing İnteractive is Single users:

Individual users let you see how many different people you’ve reached. Some of your content can be viewed by the same person several times, so you won’t see how many different people you’ve accessed clearly. Therefore, it is important to focus on the number of unique users.

Third Marketing İnteractive is Location:

Another metric you need to measure is where these users are. Thus, you can find the locations that follow you and where the masses that are accessed by your content are located intensively. This data will help you to focus more on which positions you should pay more attention to when you are targeting ads in the future.

Fourth Marketing İnteractive is Device:

You can also keep track of which devices your content is seen more. Thus, you can create strategies for these devices in advertising and marketing studies.

Fifth Marketing İnteractive is Content marketing

There are a number of metrics that you should measure in your content marketing efforts on your website. These metrics are very important to keep track of the recycling and access you receive from your blog work.

Page display: you must follow the page display of your blog content. By keeping track of which content and pages attract more visitors, you can improve your blog strategies accordingly.

Sixth Marketing İnteractive is Elapsed time on page:

In addition to page visits, you should also keep track of how much time visitors spend on these pages. This allows you to track how much your content is reading by customers.

Seventh Marketing İnteractive is Rate of abandonment:

Another metric is the rate of abandoning the page (Bounce rate). The high rate of users leaving the page indicates that they are not interests in the content on this page or that they are not interests in the content. Lowering this rate will also increase the time spent on the page.

Ninth Marketing İnteractive is  Social media marketing

There are a number of interaction criteria that you should follow in your marketing and content studies on social media. These criteria are::

Tenth Marketing İnteractive is  Likes:

One of the metrics you need to follow in social media is the number of likes you share. Organic or ad-supported content should be taken into account in all.

 Eleventh Marketing İnteractive is  Shares:

Sharing your content by your followers indicates that your shares are of interest and attention. Increasing the number of shares can also help increase your organic access. For this reason, you must measure the number of shares.

Comments: one of the factors that increase the organic access of posts is the comments making to the shares. Increasing the number of comments helps you build a community among your followers and helps your content reach more people.

Twelfth  Marketing İnteractive is E-mail marketing

While doing e-mail marketing, you need to follow some interaction metrics. These metrics will allow you to have some data to measure how effective your email campaigns are.

Thirteenth Marketing İnteractive is  Opening rates:

The opening rates of your e-mail are very important and there are many factors that affect this metric. Factors such as Sender Name, e-mail header, and action call expressions used to affect the opening rates of your e-mail. Tracking these opening rates helps you track how users react to your emails at first sight.


Last Marketing İnteractive is  Recycling rates:

Another metric that shows the success of your e-mail is the recycling rates. Avoid these emails to keep track of your subscribers coming to your website and performing an action. You can change your strategies and content by following your recycling, following the performance of your emails.


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