Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications
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There is a new term that does not fall from the mouths of advertisers, communicators and brand managers: “integrated marketing communications.” A friend of my Advertiser, the owner of the agency he works for, said, “What is the integration, are we meat-cutting operations? Is the AD integrated?” he answered. Indeed, what is this integration issue?

You know, the fourth p, which foreigners call “Promotion”, says marketing communication with our community’s mouth Association (e.g. MediaCat/monthly Marketing Communication magazine). Sometimes names such as “promotion” and “promotion” are also pronounced for this fourth P. As we know, there are four pillars that form Marketing Communications: Sales Development, One-To-One promotion/sales, Public Relations, and advertising.

So whose job is it to integrate the feet of marketing communications?

The strategic planning departments of the agencies can design integrated marketing communications projects in the light of the advertiser’s marketing plan. But the agency can’t claim to be able to produce all of this. However, in the sector, only advertising service, unfortunately, integrated, compact, integrated, full service….there are agencies that claim to produce marketing communications solutions such as VB.

However, each branch of marketing communications requires a different expertise. No agency has such a structure. Or no fraternity. It’s a tough job anyway. Because an advertiser’s marketing communication activities “outsource” his agency. Such as advertising agency, Media Agency, public relations agency, direct marketing agency etc.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Any Kind of Things

A marketing communications company that has all (or some) of such companies, each requiring separate expertise and significant investment, does not exist in America as far as I know. Neither an advertising agency alone nor the PR agency can properly carry out this integration. In this case, it seems absurd that any agency is developing integrated marketing communication services. The advertiser is the brand manager.

Because the advertiser is not doing his homework well, our agencies act fast and produce integrated projects. But with other agencies of the advertiser (PR agency, direct marketing agency) to carry out the projects produced properly… etc.) avoid going to a coordination. In fact, the disconnection of these seafarers working in different parts of the same ship prevents the marketing communication sector from sailing to New Horizons.


In this breakup, the advertiser is also guilty. When developing marketing plans, the advertiser does not consult with all its agencies. Does not create a common pool of ideas by bringing them together and does not get the productivity expected from the publicity budget.

After complaining about the integration problems of Marketing Communications, let me finish the article with the integrated analysis of a successful campaign recently.

This is Vestelnet’s “quartet” Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign to increase the number of subscribers. As a vision, let’s look at the integrated feet of Vestelnet and Velzy’s campaign. Which chose “every house to be connected to the internet” and aims to earn 30000 members in a year

– Sales development method: to give free computer and credit cards in exchange for internet subscription.

– Direct Marketing Method: direct mailing to Palanca bank customers, opening stand at Palanca bank branches and shopping centers. The counseling line.

– Advertising applications: television and press announcements that simply summarize the complex purchasing system. Funny and young. Dense frequency. Dress the main dealers and sub-dealers according to the campaign and equip them with rich POS materials.

– Public relations practices: press conference about the campaign, newspaper visits, press releases, TV program hosting…

The most important reason for Vestelnet to achieve its annual target of 30,000 subscribers in a month. Because it perfectly synchronizes all the feet of marketing communications.

Moreover, it has provided every product (internet, computer and credit card) in the package. That it offers to consumers from sister companies and managed to integrate it with each other.


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