What is The Guerrilla Marketing?

What is The Guerrilla Marketing?
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What is The Guerrilla Marketing?

Firstly, Guerrilla marketing is a method that aims to contribute to brand awareness with a non-traditional technique. Guerrilla marketing campaigns are often characterized by such as cheap, innovative and quite creative strategies. Secondly, the goal of guerrilla marketing strategy is to go to the bend and quickly contribute to the brand in the eyes of the consumer.

While large firms have enough budget to use all kinds of traditional marketing, medium and small firms are very difficult to compete in this area. This is where guerrilla marketing allows small companies to put their power in the market. It’s like the struggle of guerrilla soldiers against a great army.

Traditional marketing demands high budgets for marketing, guerrilla marketing demands excitement, energy, and imagination.

What is The Guerrilla Marketing

İn Brief, A small furniture store has large furniture stores on its right and left. In one of these big furniture stores, one big poster says “60 percent discount” and the other says “75 percent discount”. The little store has no budget for it. The room makes a little banner and hangs at the entrance. It is the “main entrance gate” which is you are reading on the banner. That’s the guerilla spirit.

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