Earning Money Making Cookies

Earning Money Making Cookies
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kadinImagine that your life friend has kept 350,000 pounds from you for more than three years. Could you do the same? Her mother Fatima El Kabir of Newyork, who has two children, kept a shocking secret from her husband for three years, at the expense of endangering her marriage and family life. After Fatima and Ali became lovers for a few years, they got married in 2004. Trust is an engineer, and Fatima works at the reception of a local clinic. After their first children were born in 2008, Fatima decided to quit the job and stay home and take care of their children. The leading sectors of the economy were heavily affected by the global financial crisis in 2008. Fortunately, the trust didn’t lose his job, but his company had to do extra shifts and pay for a substantial reduction. “My husband was able to meet the basic needs of our family, but I could see how exhausting his work was.”We tried to save as much money as we could, but we still didn’t have enough savings, “said Fatima. “We didn’t even know what our future looked like. The markets were a little lumpy, but it started to fall again. I was pregnant with our second child at that time – we had no choice but to wish everything was okay.




We all know how fair the distribution of income in our country is. Some swim in the money, others can’t even live like a human being from lack of money! There’s no reason to let the minimum wage be enough for one person, not even a family. However, most people in our country are trying to move home with minimum wage. To work, but endless costs, a mountain-growing bill, credit card debt leads people to deep unhappiness. While couples can live a little more comfortable, the situation is getting worse for families who try to live their lives on a single paycheck. Of course, the work in this regard according to the women working in our country is falling housewives are concentrated.




Dear Housewives, please don’t think, “what can we do?” Because you have so many ways of making money. Unfortunately, it is not enough for you to reduce your kitchen costs, not to wear clothes on your head, to reduce your children’s allowance, to save electricity water and to live better. You need to get your hands under the stone. I mean, you have to make money, and you have to find the right method for yourself. Well, don’t worry … Let me give you the right idea.



For example, you can now do things you professionalize to earn money from now on. I’m talking about making money by cooking and earning on things like cake, pie, ironing, cleaning, knitting or sewing. I’m sure you have friends around you who have had experience making money by doing hand jobs. You can start making money from that area by determining what you want to do from what I say. For example, today I will tell you about making boutique cookies for special occasions.

You know, at weddings, drinks are served with dry cake. And these dry cakes are usually not appreciated, so they are a decorative on the tables. Average or perhaps even stale dry cakes, special wedding cookies have provided the need to increase. Especially when the wedding season opens, you can be assured that you will earn very well from the cookies you have prepared with your hand Labour. What wedding owner can say no to the cute wedding cookies with the bride and groom figures on them? So, how are you going to do this?


First of all, I suggest you try a few small trials in your home. Of course, to make Wedding Cookies in your hand candy dough, cookies molds for decorations, such as extra products should obtain materials. Don’t forget to take advantage of the internet to reach different concepts. If you like this job and are satisfied with the results, you can take the first step to make money by making wedding cookies. For example, you can distribute flyers stating that you have made a wedding cookie, and you can advertise by publishing photos of your cookies on the internet. Or by talking to the wedding room operators, you can tell them that you can make special wedding cookies for them.

Even if you agree with a wedding hall, I can tell you that your monthly earnings will reach the figures you never thought possible. In addition, first of all, be sure to tell the wedding owners around you that you can make special cookies for them. And in this way, potential customers will come out of wedding guests. After all, you should definitely consider this.


Another thing to think about in the context of boutique cookies is to make baby cookies. Recently, very popular baby cookies have become a profitable gain gate for housewives. Baby cookies, welcome baby parties, mawlids, birthdays, hospital rooms are used in many places. And one of these nice cookies is sold at an average of 3-4 dollars. If you make 50 cookies, you will earn at least 150 pounds. So at the end of a few hours of work, you will earn 150 pounds. To do this, I suggest you start around again. Or you can contact the pastry companies. Not to mention flyers and the internet. You’ve memorized all this now. Just do some research and work to make money.


Here The Cost Table of The Fatima




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