About Marketing Management

About Marketing Management
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The two most basic functions of enterprises; firstly to produce goods and services and it is the marketing of goods and services produced. Secondly how production, goods or services will be presented; marketing is what products, when, quantities that they should be produced and that they should be produced to the needed sectors. Determines how it will be delivered. Production and marketing complementary functions, however, when asked Which of the more important questions today’s answer is marketing.

According to Marketing Union

As the definition implies, marketing needs
and as a result of the evaluation of expectations, this need and
goods and services produced for the expectations target
all applications after the delivery to the audience
it is a whole process.
In short, marketing starts before production and sales
it is a process that continues afterward.
These processes are consistent with the business and consumer objectives.
the format must be managed.

About Marketing Management

According to Consumers

Firstly; Studies at this stage (consumers)

( segmentation, targeting, and positioning) includes strategic planning of marketing.
Strategic marketing components such as (product, price, distribution, and promotion) elements
it is the tactical marketing phase involving the mix. During the execution of marketing activities
having to decide on the marketing manager the basic variables in which the components of marketing or
marketing mix (4 p) is called.


The product that the business has decided to deliver to the target markets and
it’s about the development of services. Quality, style, format, color,
brand, packaging, decoration, durability, warranty, product
some of the constituent elements.


Other elements in marketing components when determining such as price
and the target mass should be taken into account. So the price is good,
a price that can reach the appropriate place with proper promotion
must be. Because of the prices, terms, and conditions of payment of competitors,
discounts, considering the pricing of campaigns
these are the elements that need to be taken.


Firstly this element; the flow of products from producers to consumers provides distribution channels (retailers, wholesalers, etc.)) selection and physical distribution (transportation, storage, stocking) and auxiliary activities) occurs.


Firstly to inform and convince the target audience about the product
all communication works applied in order. Advertising,
this element of Public Relations, personal sales, and sales promotion it is the activities that constitute it.
Strategic and tactical marketing the application stage.

Marketing management; planning implementation and control marketing using the basic functions of management administrative approach. Lastly Marketing management this is the most important factor that distinguishes the concept from marketing.

Target Market 

The target market, not in terms of the personal tastes of the seller
marketing programs in terms of needs and requirements
he wants it designed. The efficiency of marketing is also increased by the manufacturer or
emerging from vendor orientation to multi-customer orientation
it’s coming out.

Marketing management

keeps in mind that their expectations are constantly changing. Business
, therefore, consumers ‘ needs and expectations constantly
it should monitor and conduct research for this purpose.

What to do in marketing action, these changes as explained above
rethinking his behavior in his direction moreover marketing
prices used in goods and services, uses
this is also for distribution channels and promotion activities.
he must adapt the changes.

Marketing management

Lastly, in brief, it is the business of managing markets and marketing resources.
Therefore, production, finance and human resources of the enterprise
it should be working in cooperation with its departments.

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