A Marketing Concept: The Person I Want To Be !!

A Marketing Concept: The Person I Want To Be !!
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The main element of marketing is the consumer itself, therefore, in the brand marketing stages, the general trends and perception of the consumer are taken into account. So, what kind of perception and tendency does the consumer(individual) have in the social life practices today?

In Neoliberal capitalist societies, the positioning of the individual, in more general terms the positioning of the individual in “modern” societies. Includes the basic principle of having more and going further. The social perception of the individual endowed with these two impulses creates a dilemma of reality/illusion between the individual and himself in society while pushing the individual into a great chase and race.

The reflection of reality is due to what kind of person an individual wants to be. Or what kind of person he doesn’t want to be. The asymmetry between these two is very important.

A Marketing Concept

As a matter of fact, I tried to approach the “label” phenomenon in social life by using little different elements. The tag is the place of the individual in society in the concept of social status. Which Max Weber(1864-1920) puts forward with reduced meaning.

Today, people use brands to show their own labels or advertise their own. Without going into any trouble, without spending any energy. The individual forms his own label with the brand of clothes he wears, bags he carries, shoes he wears etc. Brands make marketing through the concept of “the person I want to be” in order to sell their products.

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