9 Signs You Need To Know To Be Successful

9 Signs You Need To Know To Be Successful
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Note: in this article, we will not consider how smart you are, but how hard you are.

The definition of “success” of all of us is different. For some, being alone on a big stage and showing a memorable performance to the fans, having readers who fall in love with every word of the books he wrote for others, and for others watching and laughing at people on a fun YouTube channel and telling their friends.

If you define success for yourself, we will probably see the common success factor in other examples: influencing people.

You can be pleasurable, inspiring and stimulating while affecting people. You can make them cry or trigger them to act.

One of the main principles of marketing and human behavior is that people often make decisions emotionally. In fact, we all want to be rational and realistic in making decisions, but we make decisions in the way we ultimately feel. This is almost inevitable.

If you will succeed one day, you will influence thousands or even millions of people in your own way.

Maybe you want to change the world. And you believe the best way to do that is to impress millions.

And would you really be successful one day? These 10 pointers can give you a clue;

1. You know it takes years to achieve success, not months.

No one has ever been “mega-star” at the end of the night, going out one night. Or the most famous bars, restaurants have not gained this reputation in one day. All this will take at least a few years.

As Gary Vaynerchuk said, “If you can’t wait 2-3 years to achieve your dream goal, your idea doesn’t have enough time to attract attention.” You don’t want to do that to the idea that you value a lot.

People feel insecure every day. And annoying ads are trying to tell us something louder every day. We almost always don’t hear it. I mean, it’s hard to impress people with an ad, because everybody’s bored with clichés. Now we all listen to people whose words are very resonating but they are silent.

It is difficult to find the right messages that are far from the complexity of all the advertisements, slogans and rhetoric, and I can say that few successful people can do it. So you need to find the right message for people to hear you, even though it’s going to take a long time. Because when you find it, people will talk about it and you will get one step closer to the basic factor of success.

9 Signs You Need To Know To Be Successful

2. You know the power of money

Yeah, you heard right. The dollar, euro sign should appear in your eyes when you dream of success. If you think I’m wrong, you have to listen to my reasons for thinking that.

Unfortunately, money is what turns the world, wherever you look at it.

We have a dream of utopia, of course, but unfortunately we have certain rules of the game we play in the current order. Most of these rules can be broken down under certain circumstances, but the money rule never changes.

What I’m talking about is that we have to get paid for everything we do, and it doesn’t mean we have to make money. To succeed, human kindness still plays an important role. But you need the money to do it. I think you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

You have to impress people to succeed. To do this, you have to create something that will add value to those people’s lives. What will add value to you is that people pay for the value you create.

How much money you’re going to make, the problem you solve, or the value you add to people is proportional to the size. And how much you affect people. So don’t be ashamed of wanting to make money — even being harmless about your business. And remember, the more money you make, the more you can help people.

3. You really care about the people you want to impress.

Even if your dream is to impress millions of people, you have to think about each person separately. You should know exactly what your ideal customer, average supporter or follower’s dreams, fears, and hopes are for you.

This is called “persona” in marketing, but we can call it a representative representing the customer segments and carrying all the specific characteristics of that segment.

Whatever you’re trying to create, I’m sorry if you don’t know who you’re creating for, it won’t work!

Don’t expect to be supported by people just because you create something “cool”. People only support you when you really care about their wishes and try to solve their problems.

People and entrepreneurs who create products should be ready for the responsibility they are or will be given. When they decide to do something really, they need to realize that after a while people can worship themselves.

To really impress people, get to know them, think about them, even admire them, and ask them to be like them.

It’s not easy, of course, but it’s the cost of influencing a lot of people.

4. You dream of winning $ 10,000 an hour (I may have exaggerated a bit)

Professional branches and returns can be divided into different categories. For example, people who work in daily jobs may earn between 10-30 $ per hour.

Some of them work in the morning so they can’t wake up. He drinks his coffee and starts to work. Earnings can be up to 100 $ per hour according to their productivity..

Of course, every business has its own unique features. Surgeons, senior lawyers/executives, maybe earn 1,000 $ per hour. Because the problems they solve are huge.

If you can solve a big problem and make the problem an added value, fun one, you can make big money. Maybe you’re targeting 10,000 $ an hour!

5. Every week you develop yourself further

In a recent article by James Alucher, he suggested that people develop themselves at 1% per week. In response to this proposal, the following article was published on medium:52 Ways To Improve Your Life by 68%.

So why 68%? Because %1 growth per week corresponds to 68% growth per year. So if you’re ready to develop 1% per week in an area of your choice, you have all the power, you can do it.

People who are successful are constantly developing themselves. That’s why it’s a little wrong to say “successful” because they continue to be successful, at least they’re trying to do it. They go on top of things that scare them, they try to suffer, but they never stop developing themselves.

If you remember the first item of the article, I told you that no one has achieved zero success in a day. If you succeed in this way in a day, you will not enjoy it and you will not feel well. You cheat yourself and the whole system.

So it’s best you can do to accept that success is a long way and continue to develop yourself to reach it every day.

6. Your closest friends are with you

The people around you are actually your components, you’re composed of them. You may all be different, but your habits, rituals and hobbies are common. So the plate that found the saucepan rounded lid is pretty good here.

Even though you’re stuck in your own way to be friends with people in a league, you can never be a player of that league. Because it’s not you and you don’t have to be.

But remember, nobody can do anything on their own.

In this difficult process, the people with you are very important, and finding these people is the hardest part. Your friends may be with you in the first days, but you may not be able to spend enough time with this friend after your work has begun to intensify.

That’s why it’s important that you have friends who pursue a common dream with you. That’s the ideal thing for you. It is also useful to remember that people are different from each other, and it is selfish to try to share your dream with a friend who is not in your vision and who does not share the same dream with you.

On the other hand, it is also a logical option to get to know people who have done great things so far. Because they are already successful, there are already followers, and you can easily introduce yourself to those followers.

7. Most of the time, people are losing their enthusiasm.

In fact, you can see these people as people who think the most about you. I mean, family and friends. All they want is that you don’t hurt, you don’t waste time or money, and you don’t end up disappointed.

Even if they speak to you seriously, you welcome their conversation with a little doubt. Because in suggestions from family and friends, emotions are more prominent. This is very natural, and you should be aware of it.

If people are trying to stop you from doing what you’re trying to do, you can think of it as a good sign. Because everyone who goes to success has encountered it.

Almost all of the people who achieved great success achieved success by doing abnormal things. If you have a big goal, you can’t just accomplish it normally. Normal things have normal limits. Being out of the ordinary also means being limitless. Don’t be predictable.



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