7 Bad Habits To Take Out Of Your Daily Life

Bad Habits To Take Out Of Your Daily Life
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We all want to be more productive, more productive. But let alone making small changes in our daily lives, and getting bad habits to lower our productivity day by day.

Each person’s identity, behavior, and habits are revealed. If you allow bad habits to control you, make sure that they will block your path to success at some point. The hard thing is, bad habits are sneaky. It hurts slowly before you realize it. So it would be best for you to leave these habits immediately.

Warren Buffett: “the chain of habits is too light to be felt first; then too strong to be broken.”
Giving up bad habits is only possible with a strong will. It is a known fact that the power of Will is proportional to success. So a strong will means less bad habits and more success. It also drives you to earn good habits and leave bad ones.

Try to leave the following bad habits by using your will;

1. Use a phone or tablet in your bed

I can imagine you find it pointless. But the truth is:

The blue light, which is short in wavelength and energy, plays an important role in your daily mode, energy level and sleep quality. In the morning, the sun radiates a high degree of blue light. When your eye contacts directly with this light, it stops the secretion of the melatonin hormone that triggers sleep. In the evening, the sun’s Rays lose the blue light and your body begins to release melatonin again. That’il bring you back to sleep. In the evening, your brain becomes sensitive to it because it does not expect to be exposed to more blue light.

To spend time in the evening, computers, phones and tablets, which are our favorite devices, send the blue light directly to our faces. This can damage the secretion of melatonin, preventing you from falling asleep easily, making it impossible for you to get a good quality sleep. As a result of all of this, you have to deal with the problems brought by lack of sleep.

We recommend that you do not get in close contact with devices such as phones, tablets during the night, although it is difficult and boring. Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops during sleep.

7 Bad Habits To Take Out Of Your Daily Life

2. Free browsing the internet

It takes about 15 minutes for you to start completely focused on any business and mentally prepare yourself for it. As soon as you prepare yourself to work, your product reaches the peak, but it is of course not easy to reach this stage. While at work, the smallest thing that can distract you — browsing Facebook, browsing the news, checking the match score — throws you out of the work phase instantly. Which means you need another 15 minutes to be ready to work again. Considering that you’ve been through this a couple of times during the day, you might be throwing away at least two hours.

As a result, avoid anything that distracts you when you focus on a job. Especially on the internet.

3. Always check your phone during a conversation

There is nothing more frustrating than someone checking their phone frequently during a conversation and keeping an eye on the phone. If you are in a dialogue with a person, give all your energy and focus to this conversation. You’ll find that chatting is more fun and more efficient for you than your phone.

4. Many notifications are on the phone

Notifications, message tones, are the biggest enemies of productivity and focus. According to research, every notification from your phone will distract you and greatly reduce your productivity. Being aware of every incoming email, every message, or notification may seem efficient at first glance, but not at all. Instead of working with the alert tones and constantly distracting you, you can silence all notifications at certain times during the day (e.g. during the day). once every two hours, it will be much more efficient for you to check your phone’s notifications and respond to them.

5. When you’re supposed to say “No,” you’re supposed to say “yes.”

According to the University of California research, people who are forced to say nowhere needed are more prone to severe stress and depression. This affects strongly will negatively.

Being able to say no is one of the greatest indicators of strong will, but it is also a strong word that you should not avoid saying.

At a point that needs to be said no, people with high emotional intelligence often hesitate to use phrases like, “No, I don’t think I can do that, I’m not sure.” In fact, if you can say no to a new decision, it will show your commitment to the decisions you have already made and make you keep your promises more robust.

Remind yourself to stop saying no, “saying No is an indication of strong will, and if I learn to say No, I never make promises that I can’t keep and I don’t have to stress for them.”

6. Gossip

People who love gossip are fed more than other people’s misfortunes. When you think about it, it may seem fun to talk about someone else’s private or business life, a mistake, a blunder, or a pot he broke. But when it goes on like this, it’s exhausting for you at some point, and it’s hurtful for other people. When you have to talk about the positive aspects of interesting people around you, talking about other people’s unlucky moments or their mistakes will make you tired.

“Big brains discuss ideas, average ones, small brains discuss people. “ — Eleanor Roosevelt

7. Not to take action until you know it’s going to be successful

Most writers spend a very long time writing characters and fiction before they start writing books. And maybe they’ll write hundreds of pages that they don’t have any space in the book. Because they know that the ideas in their minds need time to mature.

We, on the other hand, tend to give up this idea when it comes time to start work, because we think that our ideas are not perfect, that we are not ready for it, and that what we are doing is not actually super.

So, how do you expect to create something perfect before you start work and allow time for ideas to evolve?

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