6 habits that you need to quit to work efficiently

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I worked close to 20 hours a day in my failed attempt in 2013. Was in college last semester, I had a class with my graduation project and I was trying to start a business 9. If you ask how efficiently working these 20 hours were, I don’t really have an answer.

The intensive working period has, of course, added a lot to me, but working too much is not always a direct way to success. Sometimes working less efficiently can produce much better results.

Think of a small business owner who runs continuously. How can hard work help him compete with millions of competitors? Time is always limited.

An entrepreneur can work 24/7 a week. But big competitors of this entrepreneur can spend more money, build a more crowded team, and work more on the same project. So what is it that small enterprises can’t do and big enterprises can’t do? Why are tech giants trying to buy these little ventures? Remember, Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 billion (Instagram was a team of only 13 at the time), Snapchat with 30 employees, turned down offers to buy from technology giants like Facebook and Google. Some of you may call it luck for the success of such young and few people, but in fact, the biggest secrets are: to work productively!

The key to success is not to work too hard, but to work wisely.

Another point to consider is the difference between working very hard and working very efficiently. Your hard work never shows that you are productive and productive. Being productive is more about good time management and efficient use of your own energy. We all have to learn to get the most out of energy by spending less energy. We’il have a much happier life if we can find out about it, really.

Here are 6 habits you need to give up to be more productive.:

1. For efficiently workiing ,Stop working overtime.

Most of us work 40 hours a week. Have you ever wondered where this 40 hours came from? In 1926, Henry Ford and American industrialists conducted a study and received interesting results. When they lower the daily working time from 10 to 8, and the weekly working days from 6 to 5, they realize that productivity is clearly increasing. So 40 hours a week work concept is emerging.

When you work long hours, your productivity falls in both the short and long terms.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops for less than an hour during sleep. After a sleepless night, it would be a dream to expect you to work efficiently, even if you start your day well and are less likely to be positive towards life. This negativity also results in a generally bad mood and causes your body to suffer more than normal. Thus, your creativity and your capacity to do business are reduced compared to your rested state.

It is very important that we should not work more than necessary during the day to keep our brain productive. From now on you say to yourself, “why can’t I work efficiently? when you ask, the answer is very likely: you don’t get enough sleep, like 70% of people do, so you can’t work efficiently.

And did you know that?

Leonardo da Vinci slept several times for a short time during the day, and he slept less at night.
Napoleon, too, is often taking a nap during the day.
Eleanor Roosevelt was getting a little sleep before his speech, increasing his energy.
John F. Kennedy would eat lunch in bed and sleep on it for a little while, every day!

2. For efficiently working Stop saying “yes” to everything.

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.— Warren Buffet.

The question of saying yes or no is actually starting with an easy question. Do you know what to say yes, no to what? If you do not know what is worth your time, consider what you have done before and the consequences. Even follow the others from now on and try to heal if possible.

Most people say yes more than we do, including because it’s much easier to say no. Nobody wants to be a bad guy, naturally.

A good way to avoid activities that won’t add anything to you: 20 seconds rule. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, just give yourself 20 seconds for it.

Sure, learning to say no will give you the chance not only to be productive in your business life but also to be a stronger individual in your private life.

3.For efficiently working Stop doing everything yourself and let people help you.

Consumers know better what they want and how it can be better than a marketer. According to Octoly, YouTube’s user-generated videos are 10 times more watched than brands ‘ videos. 51% of Americans rely on user-generated content when they want to learn about a product. Not content is written on the product’s website and other media channels.

Making good content marketing is not producing the best possible content. The important thing is to create a mass that can produce quality content for your brand/product.

You can’t do everything yourself. It’s important that you give this chance to someone who can do the job as well as you. If you can achieve this, you will continue to do good work and get rid of some of your own business. So you can focus on your more important business.

Although most of the time your friends won’t be able to help you, being close to you is a factor that can increase your working efficiency. There’s even a concept that supports it. According to David Nowell, the people who are distracted are doing their job faster when there are other people around them, even if the person with you is not helping him. If you have a very difficult job one day, call a friend and watch how fast you are doing your job. The result may surprise you.

4: For efficiently working Stop being a perfectionist.

“We realized that perfectionism reduces the productivity of professors in their research. The more perfectionist they are, the less productive they are.— ” – “Dr. Simon Sherry.

Some problems that people who are a perfectionist:

They spend more than they planned for a job.
They leave the job halfway and wait for the right time to finish. Waiting for the right time in business means being late.
They can’t get stuck in small details for a long time and see the big picture.
Remember, the right time: NOW!

5. For efficiently working stop repetitive tasks and automate them.

According to the study of Tethys solutions: %3, %20, %25, %30 and this time after the 2-month productivity improvement process of the 5 people who devote 70% to repetitive jobs %3, %10, %15, %15 and they’re down to 10%.

Some time ago, an old colleague of mine was trying to write a simple Python program. The idea was to produce meaningful content from within a large data. At first, he spends less than 5 minutes a day trying to write this program.

So, when I do a repetitive job (more than five times), I’m first investigating: is there a program that can do what I do continuously?

You don’t have to have code knowledge to automate your business all the time. Just know how to use resources and you can buy them if you can’t.

Now for those who think that it will be necessary to allocate a budget: time means money. People usually do this kind of work manually because it is easier and does not require additional research. For example, if you currently have 5 Instagram accounts that you need to manage, you can continue it manually. But when this number goes up to 100, will you be able to continue this way again?

If you can’t find a solution get support from consultants. You have to spend money to make money, and time is your most valuable thing. Don’t hesitate to pay for applications that will save you time.

6. For efficiently working take a break from work and make yourself free time.

When most people focus fully on a job, they disconnect completely from the outside world, which exhausts people physically and mentally. In these cases, you have to get out of work and relax alone.

The time spent alone is very important for brain and mental health, as a result of research has proven.

According to a Harvard study, people who have experienced things alone have more lasting and realistic memories. Another study shows that people who spend more time alone are more advanced in empathy.

In general, we all find solutions to our problems when we don’t think about them at all. You must create this free time for yourself. Everything you can’t constantly think over and an answer will be resolved in an empty moment.


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