10 Way to Saving Money

Saving Money
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There are simple ways to save money. Instead of going to lunch every day, it will be good for your budget and your health to eat a few days a week. Instead of going out for coffee, you can save hundreds of pounds each month by simple methods such as preparing coffee at home. But you have six more opportunities, you can completely redesign your way of spending money with small tricks.

After the 52-week savings plan that I wrote last year and I heard for the first time, I look at the savings ideas with another eye. I intend to share some of the ideas that I have learned and that are easy to practice with, perhaps not at all.

1 – Don’t make buying decisions fast, be wary about what you have.

Take a night off before you make a purchase. “Take it tomorrow” is one of my favorite sentences. If tomorrow still needs that thing, think again. So you have a similar or sub-version of that thing, we suggest you be more cautious about buying it. If you can’t brake yourself, I suggest you start saving money to buy that thing. When you’ve saved enough money, go buy it. So you save it unconsciously.

2 – instead of buying an item that is not very necessary, add this cost to your savings.

If you want to buy a new game, it will be harder for you to buy it if you remove the amount you will pay from your expendable accounts. So you can give up more easily with the feeling that there is not enough balance.

3 – make your online purchases not by credit card but by debit card.

With online shopping, you can easily spend your monthly budget on credit cards. It will be in your best interest to do this with the debit card. You can spend as much as you can.

4-vegetable fruit shopping in the neighborhood markets.

In the markets, you can see many products and prices together and choose the best one easily. According to the markets, you have the opportunity to buy these products at more fresh and better prices. You can grow some vegetables on your own. Do not neglect this option if you have the possibility and location.

5 – some months limit yourself to cash only.

Limit yourself by carrying a small amount of cash with you. So you can’t buy without enough cash. Some months you will try this method to achieve your budget goal throughout the year.


6 – take good advantage of the gym membership benefits.

Join the gym monthly instead of yearly. You can cancel your membership at any time if there is a situation like I’m not going. When I went to the gym, I almost didn’t take a shower at home. You can save both water and electricity costs by taking the shower in the gym after the sport.


7 – make a list of reasons before making a purchase.

Prepare a list of reasons for high-priced products, especially before you buy a product. Why should I buy and why not buy a mutual list and make your choice from the side that is heavy.

8 – prefer extended warranties for a better investment.

Especially with an additional payment applied in white goods + 2 or + 5 years warranty you can buy. I always use this option in white goods that I have bought recently. I choose the maximum warranty option. Thus, for a long time these items are under the guarantee of the company. The years go by quickly 2 years warranty is very few for these products.

9 – a week, vegetarian once a month.

This option is very useful for your health and budget. Meat prices are more expensive than vegetables and more electricity and natural gas are consumed for cooking. A week of the month will help you and your budget to spend vegetarians.


10 – put aside every 20 invoices you receive.

Save the bills on your expenses in a jar. Review these invoices on a weekly basis and track your expenses. Try to curb yourself a little after a week of fast spending. You will see that the next week you will be more loyal to the budget.

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